Severe Weather Cleanup

Severe Weather Cleanup:

Storm preparation and readiness to respond is a year-round commitment from MacKenzie Tree to our clients.

In addition to severe weather cleanup, we also provide mitigation services that will help protect your property prior to and in the event of a storm or disaster. It is less expensive to remove a limb or a dead / dying tree prior to a severe storm than during an emergency response situation. Further, it is safer as dead limbs and trees are more likely to fall and become major safety hazards during a weather event. Corrections made to any low-lying areas prior to a weather event can help prevent washouts and flooding into a building.

No matter what the situation, should a major natural disaster strike our service areas, MacKenzie Tree has all of the additional equipment, workforce, and experience in place to take immediate restorative action to your property.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal:

Our tree service experts are available to help you decide how to solve your tree removal problem. Most of the time, when we get a call about a residential or home tree removal, the tree is usually not salvageable. Sometimes we have calls from homeowners with emergency tree removal needs. Our residential tree removal experts are here to remove trees that pose a threat to personal property or your residence. We have expert staff members that specialize in local tree removal. The most important aspect of any tree removal is getting a competitive quote and having the job done well.

Chip Delivery

Chip Delivery:

Free wood chips are available for delivery within our working area. Wood chips can be used in playground areas, spread as mulch in flower beds or utilized for soil amendment. Since nutrients are released back into the soil as wood chips decompose, recycling this organic material is beneficial for your garden and great for the environment! We can provide you with a truckload of wood chips at no charge. Arranging for a delivery of wood chips is as easy as Requesting Free Wood Chips. Once we have your request, we'll add your name to a waiting list for your area.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump Grinding & Removal:

One of the biggest parts of tree removal is stump removal. Simply removing the tree from your residential or commercial property is only part of the job. Stump grinding is the act of removing the stump by mechanically grinding and chipping up the remnants.
Stump grinding is the term that most tree service professionals use when talking about removing a stump. We call it stump removal. Either way, our full service tree removal companies are fully equipped to remove the stump.


Landscape Installation and Design

Landscape Installation and Design:

Performing landscaping enhancements to your property is an effective and proven method for adding value to an established landscape. An enhancement could be as simple as adding a single plant, replacing a tree, or installing a walkway, or it could be an extensive landscape renovation. Improvements to your landscape architecture allow you to revive your property with a new look without sacrificing what you have already invested in your landscape.

MacKenzie Tree will work with your design plan and will offer the expertise of our in-house designers. Allow one of our talented designers to bring your vision to life. The designer will meet with you and will conduct an on-site property evaluation where you can discuss ideas. Our designer will provide you with knowledgeable insight on the conditions of your property, of your irrigation needs, of proper plant material for our climate and your soil-type, and more. They will work within your budget or will help you develop a plan to implement your beautiful new landscape in phases.

Truck & Chipper Services

Truck & Chipper Services:

If you have just cleared your yard of brush and trees, you have probably just realized that you now have a big pile of material left over which is a fire hazard. What are you going to do now? Call MacKenzie Tree today!

We can organize a wood chipping specialist to drive out to your property, and do the job for you. When you deal with MacKenzie Tree, you know that you will always get a professional job done this time, and every time.

Tree & Bush Trimming

Tree & Bush Trimming:

There is more to tree pruning than you can imagine. Pruning your tree(s) is essential in their growth. Tree pruning can be performed on fruit bearing trees and hardwoods. Careful planning of when you perform tree pruning techniques is essential to maintaining healthy trees.

Snow Roof Removal

Snow Roof Removal:

MacKenzie Tree has all of the equipment for removing the snow from your roof and hard to reach areas. We can also remove and prevent ice damns. As all our other services, we offer this to residential home owners and commerical property owners. We have the large equipment needed to get the job done!

Firewood Sales

Firewood Sales:

One of the many services we offer to you is quality firewood delivered to your home. Don't settle for that firewood sold on the side of the road. We sell southern oak, some of the best wood available. Or if you prefer, we have other woods available.